Writers and Assistants

Adam F. Goldberg
Writer of Pilot, Tis Better to Have Loved and Flossed, The Need for Speed, White on White on White, Take the Movie and Run, Breaking Out, 21.0 Jump Street, The Contra Club, Who’s the Boss?, Cash of the Titans
Adam’s IMDB Page
Adam’s Wikipedia Page
Adam’s Twitter Page

Chris Bishop
Writer of Who’s the Boss?, The Need for Speed, Cash of the Titans
Chris’ IMDB Page
Chris’ Twitter Page

Aaron Kaczander
Writer of Heathers
Aaron’s Twitter Page

Lacey Friedman
Writer of Heathers
Lacey’s Twitter Page


Jordan Ari
Jordan’s IMDB Page

Jesse Costello
Jesse’s Twitter Page

Dan Dacuha

Diane Galardi

Maggie Lyons
Maggie’s IMDB Page
Maggie’s Twitter Page

Bri Riofrio

Matt Roman

Chris Cook

Maisie Culver
Maisie’s IMDB Page

Dave Gross

Alison Massey
Amanda’s IMDB Page

Hans Rodionoff


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