Keeping Hope For @BreakingInonFox Alive

This may be a sobering look at Breaking In, but it is intended to encourage fans to fight for and return to Breaking In. While it is hard to avoid the fan disappointment with the changes to Breaking In, there is still have hope these fans will give Breaking In a 2nd chance when it returns this summer. These episodes will have the return of some season 1 characters (Amy, Melanie and Dutch), awesome guest stars (Samm Lavine, James Gunn, Tony Hawk, Fred Willard, Aly Michalka, Ray Parks, Matt Starr, and Peter Mayhew) and include several glorious pop culture references (Back to the Future, Heathers, Gleaming the Cube, and Star Wars). Browse through the Season 2 pages to see pictures shared by the cast and crew if you would like a little sneak peak.

The ratings for Breaking In have been pretty dismal. The steady drop in the ratings caused Fox to get cold feet in airing Breaking In during the May sweeps period which is set to end May 23. Below are the numbers courtesy of, to my knowledge they do not include DVR playback which is tracked by Nielsen and does impact the ratings Fox sees.

Air Date Viewers (in the millions)
March 6 3.60
March 13 3.38
March 21 2.84
March 27 2.70
April 3 2.55

Now, let’s play fair with these numbers. After March 21st Fox continued to decrease the advertising of Breaking In until April 3 where they did not even bother to post any previews of the episodes at all. Those that missed these episodes missed the fabulous Indiana Jones sequence and the glorious Veronica face plant. I highly recommend watching these episodes through or if you missed them. Remember, Fox is tracking this activity, so the more you watch the more Fox will see that there is still an interest in Breaking In.

If you still love Breaking In help build the ratings by introducing someone new to Breaking In through or Encourage them (as I am encouraging you now) to “Like” Breaking In on Facebook and Follow @BreakingInonFox on twitter.

If Fox repeats their advertising patterns for Breaking In, the promotion for summer episodes will be minimal. However, we can still help by creating our own Fan Videos and Fan Art for Breaking In, along with sharing the promotions that are released through Fox.

Let’s keep the interest in Breaking In alive. Follow myself @BreakingInFans and @TheContraClub on twitter. Join Save Breaking In and BreakingInFans on Facebook. Subscribe to the BreakingInFans page on YouTube.

Sign our twittion to so Fox know we want them to Bring Breaking In back. Use the share links on this post to help spread the work about Breaking In.


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