More Geeky Goodness from #BreakingIn

The Game of Jones provided us with even more craziness of the Contra Security episode. Here is a new poll to vote on your favorite line from the episode. Next week we will have Cyrano de Nerdgerac. Then we will have a short break before we can see some of the goodies listed below.

Among the goodies we can expect from Breaking In during Season 2.

Melanie’s Return
As soon as Odette completes her filming of House she will be returning to Breaking In to film the final episodes

Amy’s Return
Alyssa Milano will be reprising her roll of Oz’s scheming estranged wife Amy that we previously met in Season 1. We can only imagine what will lead to this picture

A Heathers episodenull
In the yet to be scheduled Heathers episode we can expect Gleaming the Cube references, a Tony Hawk appearance, and Cash on a Tauntaun.

Cash as Darth Maul
In another yet to be scheduled episodes titled “Cash Of The Titans” Cash will be dressed as Darth Maul. While I have no insight to the reasoning behind this, it does look pretty epic.


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