The Crew that Brings Us #BreakingIn Plus a Fun Fan Video

So many people beyond the actors we see on our screens are involved in the creation of Breaking In. I have begun to build out pages dedicated to these wonderful people. I have included links to their IMDB and Twitter Pages where I could find them. These pages are started with the credits with from the Season 2 credits and will be updated as information becomes available. I highly recommend following those that are on Twitter to see fun behind the scenes pictures.

Writers and Assistants
Makeup, Hair, and Costumes
Sound and Music
Other Crew

I leave you with this fun little Fan video with Breaking In Star Wars references. Some have aired and some have not.

The Favorite Line from Last Weeks Survey was

I like your Kermie – Molly/This ain’t no sock puppet. It’s Yoda…Bitch is crazy – Cash

Help me pick the lines to use on the next survey by tweeting your favorite lines with the hash tag #BreakingIn or Posting them on the Save Breaking In Facebook page following the link below.

See pics and previews for the next new episode of Breaking In “The Blind Sided“.


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