More good news making the rounds about @BreakingInonFox #SavedBreakingIn

More news stories are filtering in on how Breaking In was renewed, most of these are written from the official press release that Fox sent out. In other happy news the Breaking In On Fox official Facebook and Twitter pages also posted the press release from Fox which says they will be back in 2012, but they do not say when in 2012.

BREAKING IN Will Return for a Second Season on FOX!
Breaking In On Fox Facebook Page
FOX has renewed the comedy series BREAKING IN for a 13-episode second season to return to the network’s schedule in 2012, it was announced today by Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. …

Official: Fox Renews Breaking In
Comic Book Resources
by Kevin Melrose Just a day after rumblings began to circulate online, Fox has officially announced it’s rescuing the Christian Slater sitcom Breaking In from cancellation, ordering a 13-episode second season that will debut in 2012. …

Odette and Dave Annable Talk House, Breaking In and Starting a Family
E! Online
Odette is busy with her new role on House and the news that the show many believed to be dead, Breaking In, will be coming back to Fox. So how will she be doing both shows? What is she doing on House? And why was Gilles Marini threatening to kick …


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