Now that @BreakingInOnFox has been saved, let’s do everything we can to keep Breaking In #WatchBreakingIn

Still unbelievably excited that Fox has placed their order for 13 new episodes of Breaking In. I was fully expecting to have to wait until after Fox saw the ratings for their new shows before we were going to hear whether or not we would have new episodes of Breaking In.

To give everyone a little history, I started this blog shortly before I was going to Comic Con and just after the contracts were renewed. At the time I was frustrated with the Fox extending the contracts but not ordering new episodes. I was inspired by all of the other fan sites, but they were all over the place. So at that time I decided to provide a single page that could direct fellow fans into so they could sign the petitions, like the facebook pages, and follow the twitter accounts. Since creating the page I have been monitoring the sites weekly, watching them grow. I also created the Breaking In Blog twitter account so that I could have a quick method of notifying fellow fans of when I update the blog. The twitter account was also handy at tweeting and retweeting how much we the fans wanted Breaking In back.

Now that we will have 13 episodes of Breaking In, it is time to switch gears with the blog to spread the word about watching Breaking In. This weekend I will post one more Were We Stand (WWS) so we can get one final look at the number of fans that helped bring back Breaking In. Then I will start posting about any news I can find on Breaking In.

If you have a fan page about Breaking In and/or any of the actors of Breaking In, I would love to include your page in the Friends Of Breaking In links. If you are willing to put a link to the blog on your page, I will post a link to your page on mine. Just e-mail me at


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