Save Breaking In goes to Comic Con

Where We Stand Part 3 will be coming this weekend, if you have not signed the petitions, followed the twitter accounts, and/or joined the facebooks groups be sure you do so you can be counted. Visit to see the various sites that are out there.  The actors have all been signed on for a second season, but I have yet to see any orders for new episodes.  We are so close to having a second season, we cannot let Fox forget what a strong and vocal fan base Breaking In developed after only a few episodes.
Among my disappointments of not having a second season of Breaking In was not being able to have a Breaking In panel at Comic Con this year.  Since I could not have Breaking In at Comic Con this year I decided to walk around showing my support.  There is a certain level of insanity that goes with attending Comic Con that is needed to be seen to understand, but also where walking around with a Save Breaking In shirt on is relatively normal.  Here is to hoping we will have Breaking In at 2012 Comic Con.

Me being strangled by my Comic Con badge, which might explain the crazy eyes. Well either that or lack of sleep.

Only at Comic Con can you find a giant Smurf

Of course there is my visit to the Fox booth


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